Orem Quaestor

A slight built man of quiet, yet powerful intensity.


In light of recent adventures and the finding of armour, shield and mace, Orem has contemplated his situation.One the one hand, he has failed at a pacifist approach with the child zombies. On the other hand he has been surprisingly succesful in combating undead, and even been rewarded with magical items that would improve his combat capability.

His Book of Common Sense has little to say directly about this dilemna, but it would seem even to Orem’s intellectual approach that his present predicament favours direct action – and his strange new companions need a more obvious example to guide them to the right ways.

He feels he is not as wise as he once thought, but the rigours of his new life have given him new strength (Wis from 18 down to 17, Str from 10 up to 12). He has retrained from Negotiator to Augment Healing.

He is taking a level of Paladin, and prays that St Cuthbert will approve of this change in focus, and continue to grant him favour as he combats the deadly menaces this realm presents.


Orem Quaestor

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